Extra: #EcologicalAwakening

Today, I launch my call to employers for an #EcologicalAwakening. I call on all those who are conscious of the gap between the ecological emergency and the actions taken to face it in the business world to do the same, by visiting https://call.ecological-awakening.org/en/. I also welcome discussion and debate in the comments on this post.

Updated Chapter 1

After some further research and information, I updated chapter 1 on nutrition to a vision with all vegan food (as long as people live in areas where plants can grow). So when you have already read it, you might want to have a look again. You can also watch the movie 'The Game Changers' as …

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Short notification

It's not post-day today, but I wanted to let you know that I have revived the Newsflash page (https://cathagoessustainable.wordpress.com/newsflash/) and also the link page (https://cathagoessustainable.wordpress.com/links/) so that you are still informed while reading about my dream for the next few weeks. So check out what is going on on these two pages and get further …

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