Small snippets of inspiration

Sometimes there are many things going on and it is a struggle to focus on something in particular. So instead of having a major topic, I will just share with you some things in this post which I collected in the last days and weeks as sources of inspiration.

First of all: Spring is coming (in my part of the world) and the sun and green showing up everywhere are great for the mood and for starting new things. So use some free time and go out to explore nature. There are so many beautiful places closeby. Have you ever been there? Lakes are some of my favourite places for running and relaxing, so I put a photo of one as a title of this post. Where do you like to go? It helps to leave the phone at home, by the way 🙂

The WWF Germany has created a series of small stories about a good future (comparable to the ‘Dream series’ I wrote a while ago) which are good to read for some positive vibes. You can also read good sustainability news with enorm in German. Any recommendations for other countries and languages? It is helpful to look out for the positive there is around.

Maybe you also want to use spring for some cleaning and fresh starts? Why not do so by reducing your wardrobe, e.g. to create a capsule wardrobe? Travelling sometimes helps me to realize that I do not really need much of my stuff to get around. And packing is faster when there are less options to choose from 😀 Not that I am really minimalistic yet, but I am taking small steps in the direction.

Have you ever thought about the link of feminism and ecology? If not, it’s definitely worth it. A great intro in ecofeminism in German and French is the following documentary by arte. Women are more impacted by ecological threats throughout the world which is one of the reasons why it’s necessary to think about environmental protection and (female) rights in conjunction. The root causes of the problems in both areas lie in power structures and the perception we have towards nature in large parts of the world.

An inspiring person I know works on the perception of animals and environment as subjects with their own rights and not only as ressources for us. This can also change how we deal with them and with each other. Countries like Ecuador have given legal rights to natural entities like rivers which is a step in this direction. It is worth considering such rights and think about the ‘points of view’ of nature in order to adapt our behaviour as humans and live well on our beautiful planet.

And finally: When did you write the last real letter? Or when did you receive one? Well, apparently many people feel better receiving nice letters (and not only bills in the post box) so that some initiatives are growing to write to other people, even strangers, in order to help and motivate them. I think that’s a nice idea. And I will be thinking about which person I know should be next in receiving a nice hand-written letter 🙂

I hope you are all well and enjoy your lives!

[German people might consider signing e.g. this petition.]

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