Cars and other problems

In the past few weeks, there was a huge discussion in Germany about the money the government was going to spend on kickstarting the economy again after the covid troubles. The probably biggest issue were the planned subsidies for buyers of (modern) combustion engine cars. It was also highly discussed in the press, with many voices (from all political orientations) being against the so-titled “Abwrackprämie”, e.g.:

I was part of the a hygiene rule following demonstration in form of a human chain with two meters distance between the participants:

The chain spanned from the German car lobbyist headquarter (VDA) to the place where the Chancellor works (Kanzleramt) in Berlin. This took place on the day before the full package of payment was decided and published – luckily without subsidies for those cars (only higher support for electric cars and some hybrids). The package is not really helpful for socio-ecological progress, but at least this big threat could be averted through more or less coordinated opposition from various groups and individual actors. Individual car mobility does not work for a just and sustainable future.* The money is now needed to transform our economy and society and not for cementing a destructive old state.

You can read up more about the general issue in my past post on lobbyism:

We will further see how this evolves and we will keep pressuring governments and companies to work for the common good and not against it. As the Amazon rain forest is being destroyed even more since president Bolsonaro started his term, we urgently need to act. Some English and German supermarkets have decided to ban Brazilian products as response on a new law he wants to make which would facilitate this destruction even further. Please urge further supermarkets to join this move by signing the following petition:

And for some good news: In the end of May, the big Degrowth conference took place. All Germans can read my report here:

Keep your spirits up 🙂

Source of header image:

*I know that not every person is able to walk, cycle or take public transport due to bodily restrictions or lack of availability, but this is not the majority case in Germany/Europe we are talking about here. And alone 50 million+ cars in Germany are too much and should not be promoted to be increased in numbers…

One thought on “Cars and other problems

  1. I usually don’t read the whole content but thanks to you that I have gone through every word of this article. I really liked the cold calling part and I got to know about the price idea for billboard in Time Square. I also have saved a image to print it out for my desk. Thanks a lot for this kind of information. I subscribed to be updated.


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