It’s time NOW

Tomorrow (Friday, 29th) starts the 4-day online global Degrowth Conference. Take some time and listen to the talks! Tonight, you have the last chance to register:

As my current employer hosts a workshop for the conference as well, I have been quite busy these past days and you are getting a shorter blog post to read. You can inform yourself about degrowth by reading my past post, if you haven’t done so yet:

There is a great new network called Netzwerk Oekonomischer Wandel (Network Economic Change), or short: NOW. Representatives of degrowth/post-growth, common good economy, commons, solidarity economy and others have come together to work jointly on an alternative to the current economic paradigms (

Have a look at their position paper and tell me what you think about the approach: πŸ™‚

I think that it’s great that sustainability- and equality-oriented groups work together to increase their leverage to transform society. They still have some way to go (e.g. translate their page to English), but I am looking forward to what they are up to. They are also happy for others to join them, so have a look!

For today, I will leave you with this input. Have a nice Pentecost/Whitsun/long weekend in the respective areas or a nice normal weekend in the others πŸ™‚

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