Good news & bad news

Today you are reading the post no. 100 on this blog. Thanks for accompanying it for a shorter or longer period of time so far! If you like the blog in general or some posts in particular, feel free to share them with others. The more people read the blog, the more it is motivating to write and spend time on it 🙂

There is a lot going on more or less behind the scenes currently which will decide if we are sticking to an unequitable unsustainable status-quo (i.e. going back to post-Corona) or if we are moving towards a socio-ecological transformation of our socieites. Corporate lobbyists are very strong and already achieved some ‘successes’, e.g. building of new oil pipelines in North America and permits for new coal plants in China (for more and details see For this reason, citizens need to press governments to take a better way.

Signing petitions, joining mass mailings towards politicians and supporting respective (non-profit) organizations really helps as was confirmed in a very interesting webinar on this topic (available in German and English):

As Germans you can e.g. start by signing these petitions for ‘green’ and social financial support measures

Here is a call of the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, which was directed as a letter to key European politicians following a similar vein and hinting on the importance of (social) entrepreneurship:

In the suit of my post on degrowth (see Over 1000 experts and over 70 organisations support an open letter for new economic approaches ( You can help by sharing it and by discussing its contents with the people around you 🙂


Despite all the lobbying power, we can hope that – with our pressure and calls – politicians choose better options. Apparently, EU politicians plan to set a goal for 25% organic agriculture by 2030, which would be a step in the right direction (Germany currently has about 8% and Austria as a European leader about 18%):

Europeans can support this by signing and sharing the European initiative for Bees and Farmers – yes, I will post this about until there are enough signatures; so help by signing and sharing it:

Even non-European readers might have European friends which they can motivate to sign it. If the EU takes such a decisive step, the way will be clearer for leaders in other countries as well.

It is inspiring how many people are working towards a better life for all, not least several indigenous communities who protect most of the world’s biodiversity:

Please all help 🙂 It’s for the benefit of everyone. Even if you do not have much time to get engaged, signing a petitition does not take long and it can help to move something. Anyways, it’s worth a try

PD: If you want me to share petitions from your countries, feel free to send them to me or put them in the comments.

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