Healthy and yummy plants

The first month of the year has already passed and this is a good point in time to look at how the propositions for this year (and the future) are doing.

In case you haven’t all downloaded the Excel file I made containing several ideas on how to make your life more sustainable, you can do so here (already updated since December!):

For a longer explanation on it, you can check out my former blog post:

Anyways, I will sometimes give you an update on my progress and maybe you can do this for yours as well. As we already talked about its importance last month, I will share my update on the food section with you πŸ™‚


In general, I am already pretty green there (vegan, buying mainly organic and drinking mainly tap water) and a lot is in progress (like buying packaging free at the bulk ware store, paying attention to seasonal and regional food as well as labels such as Fair Trade, …). So my main goals now are to further progress on these points and especially focus on eating only as much as I need to and on eating even less processed foods (esp. avoiding added sugar and salt). Let’s see how this goes over the next few months; so far it is working quite well. Of course, you can always make an exception once in a while, it just shouldn’t become the rule again.

To keep myself on track, I let myself get inspired by great recipes, books, films and podcasts.

  • A classic on healthy nutrition is ‘How not to die’ by Dr. Michael Greger. He also issued a cook book with recipes fitting his recommendations, which I will try out during the next weeks. The photos already look great. He explains that several common diseases and health problems like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, other organ sicknesses, high blood pressure and even depressions are often resulting from our diets and therefore can often be prevented! So if you want to live a healthy life, you might consider checking what you are eating.
  • You can find a lot of research-based information on this topic also on his website which shows videos and other content on several foods and diseases.
  • Stats showing the environmental benefits of some products over others can improve motivation as well, such as this one showing the benefits of plant milk (can even be self-made easily!).
Source: Β© Geo-Grafika – Shutterstock
  • Critical products such as palm oil can be avoided by avoiding processed foods but also when eating less animals, because animal feed regularly contains palm oil from destructive plantation practicies:
  • Movies such as The Game Changers or Forks over Knives show great success stories on healthy eating and afterwards you can still listen to podcasts such as and (only in German but there are many others as well).
  • The latter podcast also has a session with Niko Rittenau who is one of Germany’s most known book authors and promoters of a healthy, vegan diet: Here you can listen to many of his tips.
  • And there are thousands of blogs and other web pages with recipes – so mouth watering! Or go to nice restaurants for inspiration (in Berlin e.g. FREA – vegan, organic, regional, seasonal & Zero Waste and of course: very yummy)

Even if your food section in the pledge isn’t that green yet, there are so many ways to make change easier for you. Go step by step and stick to your new habits until you do not even have to think about them anymore. And if you need more motivation, look at the sources above. So, stay healthy and move towards a more whole foods, plant-based diet πŸ™‚ The animals and environment will thank you as well as your own body.

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