10 reasons for cycling & some rules for food

Cycling ā¤

I really enjoy cycling, even in winter, and I wonder a bit why not more people are using the bike. Of course, in some places the infrastructure could be better or some ways are very long, but there are many good reasons to cycle and one can always advocate for improvements! I came up with my ten favourites:

  1. You have at least a minimum amount of sports per day
  2. You hear birds, smell the trees, see what is going on around you, ā€¦
  3. You are never stuck in traffic jams
  4. You are very flexible (also with shared bikes)
  5. You have parking spaces everywhere
  6. You can easily transport groceries and other goods and even your kids (more with bike bags/seats and esp. with cargo bikes)
  7. You are often faster than with other modes of transport, esp. for short to medium-distances (e-bike when regularly going longer distances)
  8. You can discover natural places (I am cycling through a park daily, but also for long-distance trips)
  9. You ride emission free
  10. You are allowed to go against most one-way-streets (more options for navigation)

And: There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

  • So for winter: Wrap yourself up a bit more and use a signalling vest for the dark.
  • For rain: Wear protection clothes or a cape.
  • In summer: Enjoy the sun bath and tanning exercise!
  • In the morning: You will wake up in the air.

If you are not a convinced cyclist yourself already, you should really give it a try. Otherwise you are missing out!

If you already are convinced: What are your favourite reasons for cycling?

I definitely want to try out one of these tandems soon – it always seems to be great fun:

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e4/TandemTurkey01_ST_05.jpg


I was at an event yesterday where we talked about the problems with our agricultural and nutritional industrial system. It doesn’t only destroy nature, but also harms our health. Just think about the massive consumption of sugar and meat, for example. It is a really bad sign that many people do not now anymore how food is actually grown – multiple children think that cows are purple and produce chocolate, for example… And the so-called former diabetes type for ‘elderly people’ does not bear this title anymore because so many children and teens are having diabetes now. We were also hinted at several methods which politics can use to improve the situation, but everyone can act themselves as well. I already knew a lot but got introduced to the work of Michael Pollan who published several books on food, containing various (simple) rules. I found this selection and the overall concept quite nice:

Source: https://www.pbs.org/food/wp-content/blogs.dir/2/files/2015/12/IDOF-Food-Rules.jpg

As a vegan, I would obviously modify the second basic rule to ‘Only plants’ and skip the fourth sentence, but in general it seems a great start for the broad mass šŸ™‚ And it misses: ‘Buy organic food’ and maybe ‘Grow some food yourself’

What do you think about these rules? Have you heard about Michael Pollan’s books before?

Everyone in and around Berlin, please do not forget to come to the manifestation for good food and sustainable agriculture on Saturday, 18th of January, at 12pm at Brandenburger Tor: https://www.wir-haben-es-satt.de/

Source of header image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/34/LongJohn11b.jpg/1920px-LongJohn11b.jpg

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