Do you join the pledge?

Do you want to know how you can contribute to the dream? I created an Excel file with all things that individuals can do to help to achieve a more environmentally-friendly and just society. I gather those in the past year. It is probably not complete, so I am open for comments! Click here to download:

Fill in your pledge and nominate others to do so as well!

The table is currently designed from a European (esp. German) point of view, but can probably be applied to North America, Australia, Japan, Arabic countries and richer communities in all other countries. For people with less income negative impact is usually lower. However, someone local could adapt the tool according to the respective circumstances. If you feel that the tool does not fit to your country, region or situation, feel free to change and/or translate it.

You can use it as follows:

  • Determine a monthly day, when you will revise your pledge.
  • For each month, pick some items you want to achieve. You can mix from different categories and different degrees of effort/difficulty. You should not pick only small and easy things though! For example, you should not only buy recycled toilet paper, but also reduce your number of flights and intake of meat. Challenge yourself! But do not take on too many changes at once! You should sustain them ideally for the rest of your life and new habits need some time to become a routine.
  • Depending on the degree of responsibility/sustainability you are starting from, you can hopefully check all items as “achieved” or “non-applicable” within 1-5 years.
  • You can also revise your footprints (e.g. carbon –, water, plastic, …) and see your improvements over time.

Get started now and contribute to a sustainable planet and wonderful life on earth! Join the pledge, show your progress and motivate others to join!

Why not nominate your brother, uncle and best friend? Feel free to use all online and offline channels you have 🙂 Why not start with some items as new year propositions? Many people are also on holidays these days at the end of the year, so you probably have time to start with some first steps.

I am in – what about you?

For Germans, individual actions are also included in the frehsly published German climate plan (not by the government but by scientists, organized by an NGO):

Have a look and join the movement 🙂

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