Sustainable Shampoo Alternatives

Degree of effort: low – Level of impact: medium

Sustainability on a budget: approved



I will not stick with the background for long, because many of you have already read these past posts:

There are many harmful ingredients in conventional shampoos. You can check this with apps like ToxFox. An additional issue is that shampoo is always wrapped in plastic. Of course, you can use an old shampoo bottle and refill it with shampoo at a bulk ware store. But this can be quite expensive, and you still have the plastic bottle around. It is not clear yet, how damaging chemical substances moving from the plastic bottle into the shampoo liquid can be for human health. To be on a sustainable and safe side, there are many alternatives being proposed online, e.g. have a look here:

My experience:

I have not tried all alternative ways yet, but I want to give you a short overview of three possibilities. I started with washing my hair with rye flour, because it was recommended to me by a friend. I tried this for about two weeks. It was not difficult to use, but I did not like that I needed much more water than normally for getting the flour out of my hair afterwards. And often I did not properly get it out at all. I do not know if this was caused by my current curly hair or if I did something wrong, but it was not a long-term solution for me.


Next I tried baking soda, which is applied similarly as rye floor, but was easier to be rinsed out. Honestly, I only tried it for some days, before I used some left-over shampoo, because I was busy. I will go back for another round and then tell you how well it worked.


During my last trip to a bulk ware shop, I decided to buy a shampoo soap bar, to give this a try as well. There are lots of different scents available and there are options for different types of hair (dry, greasy, …). So far, I get clean hair with it and the bar is easy to handle. It can also be transported easily – as it is not fluid, there is no problem carrying it in hand luggage.

I would like to try shampoo from chestnuts, but the season is over for this year, unfortunately. That’s on for next autumn.

Especially with rye flour and natron, do not forget to rinse your hair (see the English article in the background section) with vinegar afterwards! This stops your hair from getting too dry and the scent leaves quickly, in my opinion.


Do you have experience with any of these ways of washing your hair or do you know others? What was your experience? What sustainable alternative would you be willing to try? Please share it with us! 🙂

One thought on “Sustainable Shampoo Alternatives

  1. Dani

    Wieder ein sehr interessanter Artikel. Ich werde die Shampoo-Seife testen. Klingt am einfachsten. Besonders gut finde ich den Hinweis, dass es eine zeitlang dauert bis sich die Kopfhaut und die Haare umgestellt haben. Ich bin sehr gespannt.


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